By Ataxus Apr 15, 2012
Alliance characters have two more achievements, worth 20 points total, in the 'Quests Eastern Kingdoms' category, than Horde characters. I feel it would be more intuitive to visitors of GuildOx if these two achievements were removed from the tally of Alliance, or added to Horde, in order to make the rankings comparable and meaningful. As it stands now, the two factions cannot truly compete on the ranking list due to this fact. Further compounding this issue, many people aren't even aware of the disparity in achievement points to make their own judgements about the rankings. I feel this change would be in accordance with the similar philosophy of not counting the points from the Hero of the Horde:[Season] achievements already in place on GuildOx.
By Polar Apr 15, 2012
What do others think?
By Vaugn Apr 16, 2012
For purposes of ranking them against each other, you would want to give Horde players an extra "adjusted" 20 points if they complete the Loremaster of the Eastern Kingdoms meta achievement, as that would require they have completed the two additional zones worth of achievements (if they existed). And anyone who completes Loremaster of EK has demonstrated a willingness to complete multiple zone quests as a way to complete achievements.

I'm not sure how you would alter this in your website's display though in such a way that was intuitive to anyone looking at the rankings. Similarly, it may confuse players who notice they have X points in game, but have X + 20 points on Guildox.

An easily (un)selectable option to active/deactivate "adjusted" rankings near the top of each page of the ranking lists is probably the way to go. That way website users can, at a glance, see rankings according to whatever system they prefer. It will may take a bit of behind-the-scenes programming, but it shouldn't be anything your programmers can't handle.
By Polar Apr 16, 2012
I like the idea of having a selectable option at the top of each page where you can move been raw and adjusted results.

By Ataxus Apr 17, 2012
That solution sounds like a good idea and I appreciate the feedback. If you choose to do this, however, I would suggest having the "adjusted" values as the default, with a clear description of the adjustment. I believe the disparity in achievement points between the two factions is a Blizzard oversight to begin with and should be treated as the exception rather than the rule.

I must say though, that I still prefer simply adjusting them due to my above reasoning, and providing an explanation in your usual news area as to what you did.

By Polar Apr 17, 2012
Out of interest, did Blizzard acknowledge this oversight in points disparity between the factions?
By Ataxus Apr 18, 2012
I haven't come across any blue posts about this topic, but based Blizzard's history of faction balancing, I consider it an oversight that they probably don't care too much about (like the seasonal Hero of the Horde achievements). In any event, the 2 extra achievements are extremely trivial to obtain and should not be allowed to skew the rankings, i.e. allowing Alliance characters to appear as though they've put in more effort than their Horde counterparts.
By Polar Apr 18, 2012
This is what the new top#10 would look like (excuse the format):

1 Phlaryu Method Xavius-EU 15215
1 Бандитосыч Чёрный Лотос Gordunni-EU 15215
1 Quarkzterx Superior Species Aegwynn-EU 15215
1 Хужал Gordunni-EU 15215
5 Sanasuke Silvermoon-EU 15205
5 Xhanon Superbia Kazzak-EU 15205
5 Батиато Серенити Eversong-EU 15205
5 Berzerkvladî Method Xavius-EU 15205
5 Shar Ascendance Alonsus-EU 15205
5 Конус Улыбаемся и машем Howling Fjord-EU 15205
5 Martencar Huge in Japan Kil'jaeden-US 15205
By Ataxus Apr 18, 2012
Hehe, no rank change from current atm. Hopefully my guild lets me do DS Meta soon so I can be tied for 1st. :)
By Amnesiac Apr 19, 2012
I Believe that in the end, the whole selectable/deselectable option could become somewhat of a mess to deal with whenever new Achieves come out. Another option that I think has yet to be mentionned but could be discussed for the sake of discussing it, perhaps separate rankings, next to eachother, for Horde and Alliance? It feels a bit extreme, but it's one of the numerous options.
By Polar Apr 22, 2012
We will have the new rankings online later this coming week. Standby.
By Polar Apr 26, 2012
This is now live. I will make an announcement shortly.
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