By unknown Dec 14, 2014
At this moment the guild update function uses only the top 25 people while the raid sizes can go up to 30.
Also due to the long period of no updates at all I would suggest the following for a guild update.
Switch the 25 to 50 and also make an option for all.
This way big guilds with member rotation for raids can do an easy 1 click update and use the all option when needed to get a refresh now after the down period of this site.
By dp (site admin) Dec 15, 2014
Thanks for the input.

The guild update function will do an intelligent scan. It will complete a full scan if your guild has not been updated in the past couple of days. If it has been updated more recently, only the top couple of toons are scanned and if the system detects a new boss kill from one of those toons, a full scan will be performed.

It does not limit itself to 25 characters - most guilds have way more than that.

By unknown Dec 15, 2014
It is strange then for I did a guild update a couple days ago and I know our raiders are all 630+ but I only see a few that are above the raiding level.
The guild I am in is: "the forty second" on "the Sha'tar"
By dp (site admin) Dec 15, 2014
Thanks - I have found and fixed the problem that was causing only half of your (and some other) guilds to be scanned. Your guild has now been completely scanned. Congrats on your 6/7 normal kills. David.
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