By Shimmar123 May 26, 2014
With the most recent changes to the arena system in season 14, the arena rating is a lot like the Rated Battleground rating. Would it be an option to introduce the same thing you already have for battleground rating to arenas?
It is rather frustrating being unable to see how you are doing in comparison the the rest of your realm in arenas, and guildox seems to be the only site I know of that gives a fairly good idea of where you are BG rating wise currently. I think it would be a great addition to have it for arena aswell. I appreciate this could be a lot of work unless it's "coding" is very similar to the BG rating you already have.

I couldn't find a post about this unless I didn't look well enough, so I apologies in advance if this has already been brought up.

Edit: I clearly didn't check well enough as there was a post about 4th from the top. But ye, double post! love it! (feel free to delete this post)
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