By rawrjay May 13, 2014
Any chance at getting personal banner / sigs for an individual toon rather than a guild? I'd love that!

Just a simple info banner / sig would be awesome, RBG rating ilvl wins / loss or something like this.. :D
By rawrjay May 21, 2014

Does anyone give a crap anymore? Anyone there? Hello?
By dp (site admin) May 21, 2014
Sorry for the delay in replying.

I think it's a great idea and am working on implementing it for the reskin and redesign currently in progress.

By rawrjay Jun 3, 2014
Oh awesome, I had thought maybe this was a sinking ship.

Glad to hear it isn't, I'd miss this website if it was gone. It's been so quiet lately, glad to know you're still here! Can't wait to see what changes you make, love to have some personal sigs/banners that update dynamically.

Thanks! :D
By dp (site admin) Jun 3, 2014
We're in a pre-expansion lull period at the moment. That's the reason for the lull!

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