By indimlight Jan 10, 2014
Good day,

Is it possible to make an option available for the viewers to see the Toon Ranking for the players in Connected-Realms?
Like a drop-down selection tab which enables me to select and view the ranking of players for a single realm or all the other realms they are connected to at a single page.

As an example, this feature should allow me to see who are the best geared players (by item level) on Kilrogg-EU, Runetotem-EU or on both of those realms together. (Both Kilrogg-Eu and Runetotem-EU are connected-realms now)

For reference, a list of all Connected-Realms (not sure if it is the latest) can be found at this Wowinsider page:

You may also want to consider enabling this feature for Guild Ranking as well, or as you see applicable.

By dp (site admin) Jan 14, 2014
That's a great idea.

I'm currently making changes to handle connected realms, so I'll make sure this is included.

By Allareiks May 23, 2014
Please do something about this or your guild ranks are useless. I play rbg on a 3-realms connected realm. It behaves as 1 realm now, your rank should show people together.
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