By Stormrunner Oct 5, 2013
So here is my suggestion and concern and I would like it to be fixed if possible.

I enjoy because it separates guilds who do strict 10 man, strict 25 man, and some guilds who fluctuate between both 10 and 25.

But it doesn't seem that this is being tracked 100% accurately (which I know can be difficult with so many guilds and servers) but nonetheless it is separated on this site and I'm sure all guilds would like to get credit for what they actually put work into accurately.

For example, being the member of a strict 25 man progression guild, I'd like to know how a guild who has killed 4 bosses on 10 man but the other bosses on 25 in current content is being registered as being realm first on strict 25 man progression when that obviously isn't the case.
They should be put in the 25/10 man category since they fluctuate on what works best for them.

Here is an example link below. I think it's worth looking into since other guilds on other realms may be experiencing the same sort of tracking against guilds that fluctuate between the two raid sizes.
By heiko3169 Oct 5, 2013
Hmm .. maybe you need to explain that further?
On your example I dont see anything that would not be right?
The guild is Realmfirst with their heroic kills on 25m because they did it in 25m.
They are also listed as Realmfirst on Garrosh NH in 10m ..because they did it in 10m.
Whats wrong?
By Stormrunner Oct 5, 2013
So their realm first in strict 25 man progression is because of their heroic kills on 25 man, regardless if they didn't complete 4 bosses on 25?

That's pretty much what I was trying to understand, if they should be in Realm first 25 if they have 10 man progression kills or does it not matter once they step into heroic content?
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