By heiko3169 Sep 27, 2013
I put that here as you recommended to do so on my comment on your news thread about the new flex ranking.

It's a great asset, especially for those guilds that will concentrate rather on Flex than NHC.
But here I see a bit of a problem ... NHC/HC-Guilds are visiting the Flex (for gearing) and will top the rankings - but actually are not real contenders in the Flex difficulty. Thus the ranking for Flex-Only-Guilds will look not that good (realm rank 50 or higher is not that attractive, if you know what i mean?!).
So my suggestion would be that there could/should be an exclusion like 10 vs 25 ?!

An idea could be to exclude all guilds that have more or equal progress in NH/HC and thus should not appear in Flex ranking (by reasons above)

What's your oppinion?
(this question is not only to Polar :) )
By Polar Sep 27, 2013
Thanks for posting. I would be interested to hear what others think of this suggestion.
By heiko3169 Oct 16, 2013
Nobody else an oppinion about that?
By sevan Oct 25, 2013
I agree. The heroic guilds are cruisin through flex making the others look 'bad'.
By Polar Oct 25, 2013
It sounds a bit like a "Flexible Strict" system right?

It would be fairly easy to do but the point of the flex system is not to be *that* competitive.

Are most flex raiders really that interested in having a flex-strict set of tables?
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