By chilblane Sep 10, 2013

As we all know, S14 will be incorporating redesigned arena ratings that operate much like the personal ratings of RBGs. There will be no teams. I assume that Blizzard will treat players' arena ratings just like RBG ratings, meaning they can be easily scanned and added to a database for analysis. I'm wondering if you've considered, with this new change, of incorporating arena ratings into this site and using them to form new categories of guild and server rankings based on arena. For instance, you could show the top 10 guilds on a server based on their members' 3v3 ratings. I think this can be a powerful new way to judge the quality of guilds in the game when it comes to PVP.
By Polar Sep 11, 2013
This is a great idea and something we are currently investigating.
By westizzle Jan 3, 2014
I also support this. As leader of a PvP guild on my realm, I use GuildOx to show guild server rankings in RBGs and I would absolutely love to do the same for arenas.

I've looked in to writing my own scripts just to keep tabs on my guild, I have not gotten around to it yet as I still need to relearn Python to parse the JSON objects, but I would love to be able to keep tabs on all of the somewhat competitive PvP guilds on the server. It looks like the only additional thing is to request the PVP stats when you request the player object from the API, although I'm not sure how GuildOx pulls the player stats and this might result is you having to do multiple requests of the same player (which isn't ideal).
By chilblane Jan 6, 2014
I also looked at the API JSON the other day. The ratings for each character profile are provided, with the parameters rbg, 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5. All GuildOx needs to do is build a front end for the new ratings and setup should be a piece of cake.
By chilblane Feb 13, 2014
Is this something being looked at by the current owner?
By Chrone Oct 16, 2014
this is a must. please consider this
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