By dennon01 Jun 7, 2013
I believe there should be some sort of designation for people who have completed brawler's guild in its entirety. Currently there is a rank 10 for those who have defeated all of the normal bosses, but that doesn't require having defeated the rare brawl bosses from "Now You're Just Showing Off," or the newer "rare" bosses from "Deck your Collection." In the past, those who had reached rank 8 and defeated the rare bosses were designated as rank 8+. There ought to be a similar designation for those who have defeated each set of rares, possibly a + for each of the 2, or something along those lines?
By Polar Jun 9, 2013
We could easily do the Deck Your Collection as a 10+. Let me check first though - are these all rare bosses that you would only kill at rank 10?
By dennon01 Jun 10, 2013
You can technically finish "Deck Your Collection" prior to hitting rank 10 I believe, so I was merely suggesting a rank 10+ or something along those lines after you complete both rank 10 and "Deck Your Collection." On the same token, you can reach rank 10 without ever doing the rank 8 "rare" bosses, hence the reason I mentioned the possibility of a designation for those rares as well.
By dennon01 Jun 24, 2013
Any update as to whether it would be possible to implement something like this?
By unknown Dec 19, 2014
is it possible to have the world first rank 8 in warlords of drainer
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