By Lethalock Mar 26, 2013
Hello there Polar hope all is well, just thought i would pop on and make a suggestion in relation to the actual names of the different mount ranking sections they seem slightly misleading. The newish faction only section is the true accurate count of someones collection as it mirrors peoples in game account wide status in relation to collecting achievements however your actual account wide section should actually be named faction combined or something along those lines.

With a new mount collecting achievement coming soon the achievement forums have been buzzing with people that are confused by their armory totals compared to their actual in game totals and i thought if Blizzard cant seem to get it right maybe we can do so here lol
By Polar Mar 28, 2013
It has been changed to "Faction Only" and "Faction Combined" - how does that sound?
By Lethalock Mar 29, 2013
I would have thought just the one account wide total which reflects your in game amount is all that's needed, the combined total only really exists because Blizzard haven't been in a hurry to fix bugs with the armory and restore it to its former functionality. Do we really need the combined faction total at all considering it means nothing at all?

When we first started working out which the armory was doubling up on to make your rankings more accurate i had hoped that it would just fix/replace the rankings all together with rather than making two sets of ranking one relevant and one not. Anyway i hope you're having a nice Easter Polar ^_^
By Polar Mar 29, 2013
I am very happy to remove the 2nd "faction combined" list provided people are happy to see it go. In the past, whenever something has been removed I get a flood of mail saying "oh, but we liked that" :)

So, to everyone, if you want the "faction combined" for any reason then speak now before it goes.
By locket Apr 14, 2013
I don't see why someone would have a problem with the Account-wide version. It worked for me and a lot of friends I know. As long as you have a faction-only version there shouldn't be any reason to prevent others from seeing their horde & ally totals combined.
By Lethalock Apr 16, 2013
Sorry locket you can 100% blame me, as you can see from my original post my major issue was with the name of the subsections being that account wide seemed misleading because it was making people think they had a lot more mounts than they actually have. At the time of my post the combined faction ranking was named account wide and the true account wide count which was indicative of our in game true totals had a different name and all because Blizzard at some point screwed up the armory and it started showing horde mounts on alliance characters and alliance mounts on horde characters along with many duplicates.

When this first happened the rankings here were bloated with people that had 300+ mounts (which isn't possible on one character) and many of the people who belonged in the real rankings had been pushed out because they didn't have characters on both faction. The newer ranking is a true ranking which reflects our in game totals and much better however i was shocked to read in your other post that a single person had many of his other alts bloating the top 20 ranking on your server i thought all of those issues were fixed, i know they were on my server i really didn't want my alts taking up spots in the top 10 when real individual players deserved those spots.

Anyway in Polar's defense had i not pointed out that the combined faction total was redundant im sure it would still be there, having said that if Blizzard gets around to fixing the armory bug and return its own mount tabs to their former functionality it would have destroyed the combined faction totals here so either way it was doomed.
By Polar Apr 17, 2013
I can easily bring them back but if they really don't add value then I don't want to clutter the menus with lists that people aren't interested in.

I would love to hear more comments on this.
By Lethalock Apr 17, 2013
I wasn't necessarily against them existing as i said it was more about the titles being misleading, the real one should just be called something along the lines of "account wide (true)" and the combined faction one be accurately named "combined faction total". I'll let the guys and girls on the official mount collectors support thread on the other forums know about this post and suggest they come post their thoughts but im pretty sure they were wrapped with the return of accurate ranking and the removal of the cross faction and alts that were bloating the ranks since we first came to you on the subject some months ago now.

As far as my opinion on the combined faction rankings coming back i don't think i have anything else new to add that i haven't already mentioned in my other posts, just for the record i would probably rather they didn't return but if they did i would like it to just be clear which is the accurate and official mount ranking which is consistent with our in game totals and which is just a gimmick that may or may not vanish when Blizzard fixes the armory bug that popped up right before MoP's release.
By Eillesa Apr 17, 2013
To be honest I dont see much of a difference between the two. Combined factions and Single faction are the same thing, except that combined factions gives the option of 14 more mounts that either require effort or faction changing. 14 extra mounts doesnt really warrant its own section, especially when you can just faction change and win.

I prefer to have an accurate ranking, rather than people thinking they have 270+ mounts. It leads to more confusion than anything. I remember when we only had the combined totals, and I was upset they werent true totals. Combined totals feels like bloat
By Polar Apr 22, 2013
Any other comments for or against? I am happy to bring them back temporarily (at least until Blizzard fixes the mounts on their API)
By Lethalock Apr 25, 2013
Looks like the decision was made for you Polar, Blizzard seems to be making some changes to the mount tab now and cross faction mounts no longer show up and some retired mounts seem to have been removed also for some reason. Hopefully they are just returning the mount tab to its former functionality where it was a true indication of someones in game total.

Hope it doesn't mess things up here too much and they get it sorted quick.
By Polar Apr 26, 2013
Very nice.
By deathonwheat May 5, 2013
So, It looks like Blizzard has made some changes that once again are causing discrepancies between the API and what's shown in-game. I've 251 in-game but the official site (and therefore guildox) is now only showing 244.

I tracked down which seven went missing, with the common theme being "retired" mounts.

(Amani War Bear, Big Blizzard Bear, Black Proto-Drake, Brewfest Ram, Swift Alliance Steed, Swift Razzashi Raptor, Swift Zhevra)

I'm afraid that unless/until Blizzard fixes this, the rankings are pretty much worthless.
By Polar May 7, 2013
Let me investigate
By Polar May 7, 2013
Locked - but see the new thread here:
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