By Flaer02 Mar 18, 2013
With the advent of Thunderforged items, and their relatively rare status, I think it would be a good idea to have a checkbox so one can choose whether to include them in a loot list or not. Otherwise lists will become obscenely crowded with duplicates of every possible raid drop, for both normal and heroic modes.
By Flaer02 May 22, 2013
Bumping for awareness.
By Flaer02 Jul 13, 2013
By Flaer02 Sep 11, 2013
Any word on this? SoO Warforged gear is going to make lists even bigger as well.
By Flaer02 Oct 25, 2013
Any word on whether we'll be getting filters for Thunderforged/Warforged/WhateverBlizzcomesupwithnext gear?
By dp (site admin) Nov 28, 2013
Hi Flaer02.

I've just taken over GuildOx and will be making a few improvements to the site. I'll make sure this is one of them.

David (New GuildOx owner).
By Polar Jan 17, 2014
Would like to see this too :)
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