By swiftmatt Oct 3, 2012
It would be awesome if you could include an option that filters Pre-MoP, and even prior gear. When filtering by just one stat, any item with a gem slot will show up due to the new MoP gems available (even BC items), and the amount of stats they have on them. This feature would be heavily appreciated!

By Polar Oct 4, 2012
We will be removing the Cataclysm epic gear shortly so this should help to a fair degree. Can you show me your template that shows up the BC gear?
By swiftmatt Oct 4, 2012

Basically, My Paladin Tank build involves maxing Mastery as much as possible. So anything with a gem slot or two will over inflate some of the older gear. I use discretion when choosing items, meaning I look at the other stats once I see how they place in this list. Naturally, you cannot put the new gems into the old BC or WotlK gear, and probably not any of the Cata gear(?).
By swiftmatt Oct 4, 2012
Also, thanks for the quick response, and I hope you get this and the other suggestions post resolved in an easy and timely fashion :D
Btw, not to be pretensious, but do you have an ETA on some of these fixes and changes?
By Polar Oct 6, 2012
To be honest, most of the issues are really caused by your stat weightings. If you are really going for a paladin tank, then yes, you need heavy weights on mastery but you can't ignore stamina, armor, dodge, parry, etc - you need to put some values in for them. When you do this, the Pandaria items will move to the top of your lists since they have higher values, stamina and armor especially.

Maybe take another look at our default prot pally template - it has a heavy weighting on mastery already.
By swiftmatt Oct 6, 2012
I understand why I am seeing a lot of the older items, but at the same time, they should not be in the list because the new gems require a minimum ilevel of 417. That being said, items Cata and prior shouldn't be able to have them in their gem slots. But I know that this may be more trouble then its worth, and I'm sure just removing the items from the results would be a more reliable and least time-consuming result. As far as the template is concerned, I don't doubt that it probably shows the correct way to gear as a Prot Pally. But I normally keep a few different types of gear sets handy. This includes an all around tanking gear set while on the other hand, I may have a full Mitigation Set (Mastery) or even an avoidance set (Dodge/Parry). This is the reason I set the item weights like this. So I can see which item would best fit or suit me for the situation. As far as the current Protection Paladin stat priority goes, there are a few different ways. I am currently pursuing a more Mastery heavy build with a hit and a hard expertise cap. Some of the other stats just come with gear and are normally unrelated to what I am trying to achieve (stamina, armor).

Here's my new Filter:
(The reason I show 30 max items is because a lot of the Cata items push the MoP items down.)
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