By Polar Jul 26, 2012' style='float: left; padding: 1px 9px 0px 0px;'>It is a great time to sample the Mists of Pandaria beta and the good folk at Blizzard have given us 50 MoP beta keys to give away to our loyal users.

Simply comment on'>this news article or like us on our Facebook page to be eligible to win! If you have already liked us on Facebook then you are automatically eligible to win. Winners will be drawn and notified on Aug 3.

Many thanks to the great team at Blizzard for these keys!

Update: Winners have been contacted with their keys. Thanks to all that entered.
By Kinushi Jul 26, 2012
Let me win this one :)
By Kinushi Jul 26, 2012
Wiii, the first to comment :))
By Polar Jul 26, 2012
Remember, only 1 comment is required to win (we will be removing duplicates). Good luck everyone!
By phorth Jul 26, 2012
Running with the comments :)
By faintz Jul 26, 2012
Guild0x woot!
By sirr0 Jul 26, 2012
Hey nice site, just got here from Zarhs Tweet, if I get back into WoW for MoP I might use this site.

You know a MoP beta key could convince me to go back *hint, hint*

By Youcarehuh Jul 26, 2012
i am gonna win, i know it n_n
By Noobskillz Jul 26, 2012
Man a beta key would be great, also great site :)
By Darkoth225 Jul 26, 2012
I never win these things but I guess I'll give it a shot!
By Saltii Jul 26, 2012
Me! I wants it!!
By Apkallu Jul 27, 2012
Here's hoping :)
By Evilkyro Jul 27, 2012
Nice giveaway!
By RicME85 Jul 27, 2012
Whoop! Freebies! \o/
By Gerzhuster Jul 27, 2012
I'd love to be able to finally test out the beta.
By Synkronos Jul 27, 2012
\o/ beta
By Mushin Jul 27, 2012
would love 1.
By Keion Jul 27, 2012
I love a fresh beta ney in the morning
By Timbozand Jul 27, 2012
I would love a beta key :D
By annafor Jul 27, 2012
Great~ ME!!
By Setonas Jul 27, 2012
By vsaR1SK Jul 27, 2012
By Jadeon77 Jul 27, 2012
Want to win a beta key =-D
By JRKy Jul 27, 2012
Easy sauce!
By valentinerh Jul 27, 2012
rolling this time, hopefully I win!
By funnyfriend44 Jul 27, 2012
Fingers crossed! Hope I get lucky
By gusion757 Jul 27, 2012
i want to win!!!!
By Goochen Jul 27, 2012
I wantz!
By Goochen Jul 27, 2012
I wantz!
By Goochen Jul 27, 2012
By Razorgon Jul 27, 2012
very nice :)
By Ephisia Jul 27, 2012
Can I haz beta key? :3
By roska24 Jul 27, 2012
i wanna see if my computer can handle beta so gief key!!!!
By Torhment Jul 27, 2012
Beta key would be awesome!
By Torhment Jul 27, 2012
By Metalzadeh Jul 27, 2012
Come on Beta key !
By Laygolas Jul 27, 2012
Would really love to win one of these to invite a guildie.. /roll !!

By Nomex Jul 27, 2012
Giev Beta key nau!
By Nomex Jul 27, 2012
Gief beta key nau! :P
By FitzDK Jul 27, 2012
Beta key is good for me
By Mehilovich Jul 27, 2012
I would absolutely *love* to finally win a beta key, and have the opportunity to raid with my guild members in Beta so that we can prepare for MoP together, and help ensure our ranking stays competitive in MoP here on GuildOx!!

Thanks for the opportunity, GuildOx!!
By EuphoriaBB Jul 27, 2012
Guildox makes me want to be a better woman.
By unknown Jul 27, 2012
great giveaway and site, i hope i win too. :)
By Fiasko Jul 27, 2012
I want! Ive never one anything! Just when it comes to pregnancy tests!
By haqim Jul 27, 2012
Another chance :)
By flinadorn Jul 27, 2012
Thanks for the news, I deserve a Beta, I am one of the most helpful players on Galakrond-US
By Palolo Jul 27, 2012
Beta key? Don't mind if I do.
By falter Jul 27, 2012
I'd love a key!
By Pryzmz Jul 27, 2012
Lets hope
By Gnoble Jul 27, 2012
By Grato Jul 27, 2012
Lovely! I'd like a key :)
By Zipzap Jul 27, 2012
Hope i win.
By Firnen Jul 27, 2012
I'll be really happy if I win :P
By Caldera Jul 27, 2012
Once, upon a time, I could love myyyyyyyself.
By nsrb88 Jul 28, 2012
wow wow great ;)
By Mygf Jul 28, 2012
Yes Yes Yes
Guildox FTW!
By tkhertel Jul 28, 2012
Yes please
By attackrun21 Jul 28, 2012
:)) me please
By Tehstool Jul 29, 2012
How would we redeem the beta keys anyway?
By Jonner Jul 29, 2012
3 GuildOx
By vasos Jul 29, 2012
Hey! i would like a key :)
By Soulishi Jul 29, 2012
O please ne win this
By Soulishi Jul 29, 2012
O please ne win this
By googlehymer Jul 29, 2012
I already signed up for MOP, but sadly didn't sign up for the annual pass. Getting a shot at beta key sure would be nice. DS is a joke and FL is a little stale time for some new content.
By valentinerh Jul 29, 2012
By Hunterweapons Jul 29, 2012
Beta pls!
By Bizal Jul 30, 2012
I love the site and appreciate everything you all bring to the community, and I would be glad to lend a hand with providing some help with the Beta.
By goyo200 Jul 30, 2012
I hope to win, good day :)
By teslah Jul 31, 2012
By nowinds Jul 31, 2012
gimme a key or a death!
By Polar Aug 1, 2012
Only a couple of days to go! Good luck everyone.
By Fluhri Aug 1, 2012
Power leveling inc with MoP!
I need help for the race to first class lvl 90.
Everything i tried to get a Beta Key was unsuccessful. :-(
Thank's :-*
By Lucere Aug 1, 2012
Sign me up.
By Ztryk Aug 1, 2012
Gief mop betakey plz :D 3
By lgilley Aug 1, 2012
Beta beta!
By 2RNC71 Aug 1, 2012
I have already commented on the value of this site, and will continue using it with the coming of MoP! See you all there!
By Fyron Aug 2, 2012
Beta Key! Prease :D
By Scheep Aug 2, 2012
so would like to try beta
By attentione Aug 2, 2012
By drewsedge Aug 2, 2012
Please give this one to me I would be so grateful thank u!!!
By Neverity Aug 3, 2012
GuildOX Is AWESOME! and Is AWESOME for doing this! Beta Keys are cool and is an amazing way to test content! Go GuildOX!!!!!!!!!!
By haqim Aug 3, 2012
nice one
By Polar Aug 3, 2012
The winners have been emailed their codes! Thanks all for participating and congrats to all of you who picked up a beta code.
By Biiron Aug 4, 2012
By Polar Aug 5, 2012
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