By Polar Jul 11, 2012
We have a Mists of Pandaria beta a key to give away to a lucky GuildOx user. Simply post a reply to this'>news article to be eligible to win. Only one post is required to qualify (we will de-dupe the responses). Prize drawn on the 15th July. Be quick!
By gusion757 Jul 11, 2012
I want to win a beta key!!!
By odilys Jul 11, 2012
beta key for me?
By wYh0iUt Jul 12, 2012
Give beta ! comon :(
By valentinerh Jul 12, 2012
I've entered almost 5 contests now and still don't have beta access. :(
Raid testing is going on without me!
By Polar Jul 13, 2012
Even though it is only a single key, I must say, your odds are looking pretty good at the moment! :)
By haqim Jul 13, 2012
just post to win? nice of you :)
By zilak Jul 13, 2012
Omg, I think I just made it in time for this drawing! *dies of excitement* I feel so lucky I made it into another one =p...
So many who are dying to play in MoP !!!
Hope it is good and that I win so I get a chance to experience this "wounder full Beta" everyone is talkign about! :D
*holds thumbs* *ready to scream like a pretty little girl at the mall, whom stolen dads credit card*
Well anyways, Greetings from the Swedish guy! :D hehe
By Confidence Jul 14, 2012
Oooh! I 3 giveaways.
By Confidence Jul 14, 2012
^ love...
By Polar Jul 15, 2012
Winner! Congrats to gusion757
By Polar Jul 16, 2012
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