By Polar May 3, 2012
Thanks to a donation and the continued support from our friends at, we have a pool of prizes which will be given away over the coming weeks.

To kick things off, we have 2x Landro's Lil XT companion pets to give away.

How to win? Simply log in to GuildOx, go to your>options page and update your guild's recruitment needs - you don't need to be a guild officer to do this. Anyone that updates their recruitment profile will be eligible to win one of these two companions. The prizes will be drawn on the 11th May so don't delay.

Your guild will then be listed on our new Looking For Guild (>LFG) page.

By Vaugn May 3, 2012
Are we still eligible if we're not recruiting any so we update the options page but don't have any boxes checked? Or do we need something to be checked?
By Polar May 4, 2012
Hi Vaugn - as long as you put in a guild name+server and just hit "update" then you will be eligible.
By blixa May 10, 2012
All your pets are belong to me.
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