By Polar Apr 17, 2012
Zarhym, Blizzard Community Manager, posted that Blizzard will continue to support 25 man raiding as long as there are enough guilds to continue with the raid format:

We'll continue making adjustments as necessary to keep 10- and 25-player raids within a relative alignment, in terms of time investment, difficulty and rewards. It may never be perfect, but we still see interest in both raid sizes for different reasons. And ultimately we'll continue designing 25-player raids as long as there are a decent number of guilds interested in the format. We've seen no evidence as of yet that such interest is waning to any degree that should cause us great concern.

We tend to begin raid design around 25 players anyway before tuning for the various sizes and difficulties. That, when combined with our intent to carry on with 25-player Raid Finder group sizes, makes it very much worth our time to continue designing 25-player raids.

Regardless of what players' personal preferences or opinions are regarding the varied raid formats in World of Warcraft, we don't see removing options as a smart choice in the foreseeable future. source

Very interesting comment, "We've seen no evidence as of yet that such interest is waning to any degree that should cause us great concern."
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By prosecco Apr 17, 2012
Only a matter of time I think..
By Buggman Apr 17, 2012
I agree, They need to keep the option open I personally make my guild clear 10 first. However they know it is coming 25 man raiding takes the cake. You can throw any 10 scrubs together and make a raid , but to orchestrate a 25 man and clear content? Now that takes a true conductor and great talent. I like to also add that they are pushing MOP to fast. They have so many options to feed people. Let say try making every dungeon have a heroic 85 version. That will keep people very busy and I think it will bring back some BC players that left.
By porthios Apr 30, 2012
The demise of 25 people raids with current raiding model is only a matter of time.
Unfortunately we continue with the same, failed model for another expansion.
The way things are there is no turning back to a previous model, nor future for one of the two options (25 people raids).
The best thing to do for MoP was to scrap existing model and replace 10 AND 25 by a single size of 15 people.
The raiding community is divided. The number of active raiders is declining at a pace faster than the active subscribers.

The problem is that the company is not as bold as they used to be, when it comes to necessary changes to make the game more appealing.

The only changes they do lately, are ment to cater to the casual part of the playerbase that reactivates the sub once a new tier goes live stay active for 2 months and just want to faceroll the new content available.
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