By Polar Mar 26, 2012
We are pleased to announce that we have added'>Feats of Strength rankings for characters. This new table ranks players based on the number of feats of strength that they have completed and they can be filtered by zone, server and class. The Russians are leading the rankings, with one toon'>Бэкстабдуде "backstabdude" of Razuvious-EU having completed a massive 112 feats of strength!

Due to popular demand, we have also added PvE and PvP filters to the toon'>Item Level ranks. This filter will show only toons that have logged out in their pve or pvp gear. We deem a toon to be in PvP gear if they have several gladiator pieces equipped.

And finally, you can now add your comments to GuildOx news items - so let's get some discussions happening.

By Bl4ckSh33p Apr 5, 2012
Nice additions. But when I try to select PvP or PvE in the dropdown I get this message:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e14'

Invalid column name 'pvpitems'.

/go/g.asp, line 1974
By Polar Apr 5, 2012
All fixed - thanks for letting us know.
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