By Polar Mar 17, 2012
Many guilds are finding recruitment tough going at the moment. GuildOx can certainly help.

First, make sure your guild URL is entered on your GuildOx guild page. We get a lot of visitors browsing our guild ranks to search for new raiding guilds - so having your guild URL entered allows them to go straight to your recruitment page. Not sure where to find your guild page? Start by entering your guild name into our GuildOx Search box.

Second, our'>premium membership allows you to enter an advertisement for your guild and this will be regularly displayed on your realm's guild rankings page. Users that click on your ad will be taken direct to your guild web site's recruitment page. We have found that our premium members receive substantial interest via this method - all for a very low monthly contribution. Give it a go for a month and see the results - you will be supporting this service while you are at it.'>How to become a Premium Member

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