By dp (site admin) Jul 5, 2015
Guildox now checks your achievements to see if you will be able to fly when patch 6.2.2 is released. If you are still working towards the achievement, we show you which you still need to complete before you'll be able to fly.

To see which achievements you still need to complete, look on your character's page in the "Flying" tab.


By Zeelaraj Aug 14, 2015
I cannot find the "Flying" tab. Where is it?
By dp (site admin) Aug 14, 2015
Go to your toon's page on Guildox. You'll see a tab there called 'flying'.

By Ritaron Sep 15, 2015
I have been waiting 3 days for it to update and give me my flying results. What is broke now since it should only take mins and not a week.
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