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In the first of this semi-regular series, we'll delve a little deeper into the mountains of data on World of Warcraft in our GuildOx database.

First up: Blackrock Foundry Boss Kill Order

We've added six graphs to Guildox (found under the Stats menu) showing the order in which most bosses were killed (based on first kill times) for Blackrock Foundry and Highmaul. Learn how to read the charts at the end of this post.

Mythic Darmac and Oregorger easier than Mythic Gruul

The graphs give an indication as to boss difficulty. For example, in Normal and Heroic, Gruul is the first boss killed in a progression run. Around 80% of guilds killed Gruul first in Normal and Heroic.

However, Mythic shows a different picture... 85% of guilds killed Darmar first. In fact, most guilds killed Gruul 5th in their progression.

And there are more differences between the level of raiding. Near the end of BRF, in Normal and Heroic guilds were split between killing Kromog, Iron Maidens and Blast Furnace before tackling Blackhand.

In Mythic, there is a much more linar progression for the last half of bosses, with almost all guilds following a Kromog, Thogar, Iron Maidens, Blast Furnace, Blackhand progression.

Wings First?

For Normal raiders, most guilds killed the easier bosses in preference to finishing a complete wing first.

Only 20% of guilds (1,500) completed the Slagworks wing before killing any other bosses and 8% (680 guilds) completed the Black Forge wing first. 15% of guilds killed one boss from each wing before killing any others.

13% of guilds who kill one boss on Mythic have completed BRF

The pages show us graphically what we already know from our own raiding experience: the last bosses in a tier are much harder to kill than the first bosses. And Mythic is a much higher progression than normal or heroic.

For example, out of the 8,500 guilds that have killed at least one boss in Normal Blackrock, only 40% have gone on to kill all 10 bosses. In Mythic, 1,600 guilds have killed at least one boss and only 13% have been able to kill all bosses on Mythic. You can see the large dropoff of guild kills at the end of the Mythic BRF graph.

Reading the Graphs

The graphs survey the progression order of all first-kills in raiding for WoD, separated by raiding level.

Read from the top to the bottom of the chart to see the kill order. Bosses on the top level were killed first in a progression run. The linking lines between the levels indicate how many guilds took that path. For example, in Mythic BRF, after killing Darmac, guilds either next killed Hans/Frans, Gruul or Oregorger.

The width of the links under a boss indicates how many guilds progressed to kill the next boss. If the width of a line below is a lot smaller than the boss, it indicates a lot of guilds struggled to get past that boss.

You can modify the graph to make more readable by dragging the boss names around. Double-clicking on a boss name will hide the links into that boss.

To keep the charts readable, we hide show paths taken by less than 0.2% of guilds. This is why sometimes the width of the lines leading to the boss doesn't exactly match the width of the boss.

We update the graphs daily, so in future months guild numbers and percentages in this post may not reflect the graph.
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I like this feature. Thanks for implementing it.
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