By dp (site admin) Mar 25, 2015
The most popular Mounts, Pets, Achievements and Titles are back! To find them, look at the Popular menu on the top menu.

We have also reinstated the ability to see which Mounts, Pets, Achievements or Titles your toon still needs to complete (as well as those you have completed, and those that are now unattainable). To see these lists, go to your toon page on Guildox and click on the appropriate button.


By Zizonyx Apr 19, 2015
I appreciate having these added again. I've never been able to find another website that shows these.

At the moment though it seems that nothing is showing up under popular titles. Not sure if the problem is just on my end, but the other popular features are showing fine.
By dp (site admin) Apr 20, 2015
Sorry about that. The list disappeared after we updated another part of our database. All back now.

By ferkte Jul 7, 2015
I can't see either popular titles nor popular achievs
By eFse7en Oct 3, 2015
Unfortunately the popular achievements don't include subcategories anymore. Even though they used to back in Pandaria. For example there is no "Welcome to Draenor" achievement in General tab, that originally belongs to "Draenor" subcategory of "General".
By eFse7en Oct 3, 2015
* I meant Quests category.
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