By dp (site admin) Dec 3, 2014
Welcome to the new Guildox!

Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show the old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Raiding stats for WoD will be arriving soon. Will Method still lead the pack?

The Guildox Team
By unknown Dec 5, 2014
I see on the guild page there is no update option like there was before.. will that feature be added back in
By dp (site admin) Dec 5, 2014
Yes. As the message at the top of the site says, we are currently running with reduced functionality until the data is moved to the new servers. Should only take a couple more days. Thanks for your patience. David.
By unknown Dec 5, 2014
Hey guys! It looks awesome! Well done. Can't wait to see it run with all the functionalities :)
By unknown Dec 6, 2014
Is there some reason why the site has to look Alliance and crap? Why cant it stay nuetral? Whats with all the kiddy blue puking everywhere?
By dp (site admin) Dec 7, 2014
I love that idea and will see if we can get the blue changed to red when looking at a Horde toon/guild. David.
By unknown Dec 7, 2014
Eurgh. I'll be honest with you, I love guildox, but this new layout looks absolutely terrible. I do hope it's just temporary as everything about it just looks disgusting. The colors, the fonts and general layout.
By unknown Dec 7, 2014
I must say I hate the new look also. There was nothing wrong with the old one and it seems this new, uglier, look is delaying our ability to update or see current progress. They should have started working on it earlier and had everything moved already or just left it alone and updated for current contet.
By unknown Dec 7, 2014
Not a big fan of the color scheme/styling either. Hope the Moves feature will return after the transfer.
By unknown Dec 7, 2014
How do I log in on the new site?
By unknown Dec 8, 2014
I can look past the ugliness of the site but I'd like to know how long "a few day" actually means. When will all functions be working?
By unknown Dec 9, 2014
Love the new site. Keep these horde pigs looking at blue >=)
By unknown Dec 12, 2014
I am also not a fan of the changes. Hopefully this DB update doesn't take much longer...
By unknown Dec 13, 2014
will there be a brawler's guild ranking at level 100 ?
I'm disapointed by the lack of interest in this :(
By unknown Dec 13, 2014
Yes, there will be a brawlers guild ranking at level 100. The new data is being scanned as we speak.
By unknown Dec 14, 2014
Nothing was wrong, with the old Guild Ox... this new Guild Ox is not only ugly, is not doing for what we used it!
By unknown Dec 16, 2014
This site doesn't seem to be working anymore.... Is it still scanning the database? man..
By dp (site admin) Dec 16, 2014
Yes, the scanning is working, although we're still a little behind because we missed a week of scanning. What in particular is not working for you? David.
By unknown Dec 17, 2014
What a bunch of whiners.
Well done it getting the site back up, and great job with the continued effort on the site, its really appreciated.
By unknown Dec 24, 2014
Can an option be added for different color schemes, maybe? I'm sure some people like the new look, but I'd love to have options to what it looks like.

Right now, this option gives me a headache. Thank you for your consideration.
By unknown Dec 25, 2014
Where can I see ilvl/mounts etc progress per realm since you can't seem to do that anymore..
By dp (site admin) Dec 25, 2014
I like the idea of color schemes, so I'll look into that. ilevel and mount progress can be seen by realm, just not directly. To see it, go to your guild page and click on 'members'. A more direct method will be added shortly. David.
By unknown Dec 28, 2014
I can never see guild history now that you've changed the site..... that was the whole point of using this website. Why change it and leave it broken for so long at the beginning of an xpac? Bad strat.
By dp (site admin) Dec 28, 2014
Unfortunately when we transferred the data from the old server, it was corrupted so we have temporarily removed guild moves from the site. We are currently transferring again (which will take a couple of days) and you'll start to see the moves back on Guildox shortly. Thanks for your patience. David.
By sakaroth` Dec 29, 2014
how do you check realm rbg rankings like on the old site? i can see raid progress.. but there doesnt seem to be an option where you can check who is top on server like on the old site?
By dp (site admin) Dec 30, 2014
@Sararoth, the realm filters are back now. You can now filter by zone and realm for both guild and toon lists.

By sakaroth` Dec 31, 2014
Thank you David
By Bowbie Jan 7, 2015
Still no brawler's guild ranking, i'm so sad :(
By snowi Jan 11, 2015
Hello and a happy New Year. I Used the Old Side only for the lootrank Funktion. Where i had the possibility to change the stats and could See a List with the "better" in Slot for my Char. Exist this Feature also in the new side, because i couldn't find it?

Thanks for your help
By dp (site admin) Jan 11, 2015
We do not currently have plans to bring back loot rank for this site. Instead I recommend the excellent
By snowi Jan 11, 2015
Thanks for the quick answer
By Tarcza Jan 12, 2015
What about Popular Titles, Popular Achievements and Popular Mounts rankings? Will they be present on the new site?
By Malkavet Jan 17, 2015
The character lists could use some color formatting work. Class color needs to come back, as well as symbols for Horde vs Alliance toons. Right now the alternating blue and white name list is just uninformative and forces the reader to spend extra time dissecting the list to see what it actually says.
By dp (site admin) Jan 17, 2015
Great minds think alike! I was just in the middle of adding that feature when you posted. Character lists now show the class color, and the guild color indicates their faction.

By Malkavet Jan 24, 2015
Awesome, thanks dp. Much improved visual there.
By henmar Feb 2, 2015
Is there any news about the missing popular achievements/titles/mounts features?
By Nathure Feb 22, 2015
Where are the popular mount and pet ranks? That use to be cool :|
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