By dp (site admin) Dec 7, 2013

My name is David Peterson and I am the new owner of GuildOx.

I've been an avid player of World of Warcraft since mid 2005. I started in 2008 because I wanted an easy way to know the most popular talent builds for my own characters and alts.

I've always admired what Polar has created with GuildOx, so when I had the opportunity to take over the site, I jumped at the chance.

I'll continue maintaining and adding new content to Guildox up to and beyond the release of Warlords of Draenor. I'll be making a few smaller usability changes initially, as I get familiar with the database. In time, I plan to add loads more features like site personalization (see rankings as they relate to your own raiding; not just for the top guilds in the world), show what enchants and gems the top raiders use, and add some Auction House data.

I have lots more ideas, but I'd also like to know what features you would like to see on this site. Please let me know in the comments section.

Finally, thanks to Polar for his wonderful work in making the site what it is. We owe him a debt of gratitude for all his hard work.

By prosecco Dec 7, 2013
I am sure Polar is happy knowing you are keen to expand and differentiate yourself from wowprogress. I wish you well.
By Ladysama Dec 7, 2013
Hi there! It's nice to meet you. ^.^ Your article asks what features we would like to see. Would it be possible to make the website and some of the features it has mobile friendly? Also, the main Blizzard website use to allow people to check the profession recipes that a character/alt learned or did not know at all. It would be so great if we could do that here(although I do realize it may not fit within the theme of the site; I had to try!) since it was taken out from their website. Anyways I and so many others can't wait to see what you have in store for GuildOx. Best wishes!
By Dareniun Dec 8, 2013

Welcome aboard, and thanks for picking up where Polar left off. I've liked this site for some time and glad that it isn't folding but continuing on.

I put some thought into this idea, and I believe this would set this site apart from others who tend to copy each other in content.

How about a weekly interview of real players? For example perhaps you could locate some of the top players from the world of logs web site, ask things such as the equipment they are using, keyboard, mouse, rig etc... and also some tips they would be willing to share that separates them from the rest of the pack. I know I'm always curious as to this type of stuff.

If I come up with anything else I'll be sure to make another post.

Again, welcome aboard!

By Thunderbull Dec 9, 2013
Hi Dave! Thanks for taking this duty for wow community.

If you will start to translate site to other languages - tell about it in news - a couple of guys are just ready to help you with russian :)
By chilblane Dec 9, 2013
I would like to see arena ratings handled similarly to battleground ratings, especially with the rating changes in season 14. The official ladders tell us nothing about ratings on a guild basis, and many top PVP guilds are full of players that value arena over rbgs in terms of prestige. The only other site that attempts this is Arena Junkies, and their data appears to be regularly outdated or incomplete.

I view GuildOx as a go-to resource for seeing the strengths of guilds and servers in PVP, so this inclusion would be very awesome.
By heywoods Dec 16, 2013
I would love the ability to actually a list of the players that have earned anything in the top say 10% of rarest titles/mounts/pets. I think it could make for an interesting recruiting tool as well.

By talonos Dec 23, 2013
Hi Dave, great to have you @ guildox :)

API overhaul maybe. i could go on with what would be nice but that's up-to you. there's allot of information that could be used on peoples sites which in turn would link back to here be it to a specific realm or guild. its also very minimal information on how to use the API system. a good idea would be to have a page dedicated to explaining the full amount of information available via the API system and a possible example of its usage, currently there is a tiny amount of information on the API in the "about" page which makes it quite obscure to find.

thanks for reading this and i hope to see lots of new ideas comming up soon.

Talonos - Stormrage-EU
By Sangrey Dec 26, 2013
Hello and welcome!

As a guild leader constantly hungry for recruits, any website that can provide a very user-friendly, up-to-date, two-way guild recruitment tool or instant communication pathway between recruiter and a guild seeker would be a breath of fresh air. WoWLemmings and WoWProgress do terrible jobs at this much needed functionality. Currently, the only place to do high traffic recruitment is on the forum. That forum is messy and hard to search.

Best of luck in your new acquisition.
By Qmats Dec 29, 2013
I would very much like an option to disable this alt tracking. You punch in my characters name and the toon I transferred shows in her current form and where she used to be shows up as an alt. I see a post from a month ago that said you would be adding a feature to hide characters/alts, so if you don't mind my asking what's the ETA on that? I checked the "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" in the game and on every other WoW tracking site my alts are hidden, but this site is the only one that seems keen to track my alts/transfer/etc. I am going through a lot of stuff IRL, and would really like to have my characters hidden. I even transfered my character across accounts, and Guildox still puts the info out there. I know, I know, I know.... Blizzard make that information available (and it upsets me), but sites like this totally facilitates the gathering of information for people who want to [literally] stalk you. Sites like this provide ppl the tools they need, so in other words although Blizard provides the info, thanks for making it that much easier, /sarcasm. Sure, it helps guild leaders track guild hoppers and junk, but allow us to opt out, or at least understand if someone if transferring across servers, let alone accounts, obviously they want a fresh start for reasons that could well have to do with very sensitive issues that extend beyond the scope of guild recruitment or hiding after being a ninja or general jerk.

Please, I ask you, can you give us the option to totally remove our characters from this site? I would appreciate that most of all.
By Qmats Dec 29, 2013
Oh, let me add, I cannot report this stalking to a GM, because the person in question doesn't play WoW anymore. Perhaps it's harsh to call it stalking, more like tracking my toons and harassing/bothering me IRL. I just want to play my alts in peace, Other sites seem to respect that, but this one does not. I am not coming down on you, you didn't design the site, you just acquired it, and you said in another thread you agree that toons should be able to be hidden (and I respect you for that), but, respectfully, how long before we can expect such a feature?

I have been researching this stuff, and it seems to be an important issue to a lot of people. My biggest issue about WoW is how much information they give on a character with activity feeds and whatnot. IMO, its not Kosher that I can look someone up and tell you what they were doing on XYZ date or 17 hours ago. Sure, they don't give away RL info, but in an age where many spend so much time online, a character almost become a second identity and I feel as if there should be at least a basic form of privacy as it relates to your character proper.

Actually, I like sites like guild ox where I can see where one ranks for this and that, but once information goes out like specific dates and alternate characters people are playing it gets to be too much. Please, David, do not facilitate people who want to track out chars down like hound dogs.
By shaid70 Oct 3, 2014
Good since your the new owner, then take the time to fix RBG rankings on your website. You cant count alts as a whole team. All your rankings for RBGs on this site, is FAKE. Take MINDPLAY on Area 52 for example. Six out of the ten top toons in that guild, belong to one person. Now please explain to me how the heck they are number one in RBGs, when they dont run RBGs with all those alts in the same group. Your ranking is fake and you cant justify it. Maybe we need to just start hese fake websites offline. You bunch of perpetrators.
By talonos Oct 14, 2014
Shaid70 alts or not they HAVE DONE RBG's all the alts have different RBG ratings.
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