By Polar Nov 20, 2013
I am pleased to announce that GuildOx has a new owner. The creator of, David, has put a proposal to me which I could not refuse. David's plan for GuildOx was extremely impressive - I had no doubt that he would not only keep GuildOx running, but had the plan, skills and experience to grow it going into Warlords.

GuildOx will be handed across over the next couple of weeks and then you can start to see some of David's magic at work.

Exciting times!
By sevan Nov 20, 2013
Welcome aboard David. I'm familiar with your wowpopular site. Looking forward to seeing what you do here.

Polar, take care good sir.
By Lethalock Nov 21, 2013
Take care Polar and thank you for working so closely with the mount collecting community to have accurate world rankings i hope David keeps it up ^_^
By Hetza Nov 21, 2013
welcome David, best of luck with all the things involving running GuildOx sir, and Polar, thanks for all your hard work and good luck on your future endaevours ;)
By dopplegager Nov 21, 2013
Just want to say thanks for the great work Polar. This has become my favorite WOW site over the course of your stewardship. Good luck with all you do.
By chilblane Nov 21, 2013
Good news! Hoping to see more guild ranking systems put in place, especially for arenas.
By Dareniun Nov 22, 2013

Thanks for keeping this site going and fresh. I'm sure there were moments of enduring brow sweating work and times of relax. It is greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the forum. I don't believe I have seen your work with, but will be viewing your other site soon to check it out.

By Eillesa Nov 22, 2013
Goodbye Polar! Thank you for all your hard work, and for taking the time to pass on your baby.

Welcome David! I look forward to seeing where you take guildox.
By Polar Nov 23, 2013
Thanks all! I will be around and blogging. You can catch me at - be sure to leave a comment and say hi!
By heiko3169 Nov 24, 2013
Thanks to Polar for all you did to get Guildox to his current form.

Welcome David.
I'm curious and excited about what you bring into it :)
By ronjambo Nov 27, 2013
I would like to see some rss feeds available from guildox
I would like for one thing.. to embed the guild moves feed onto my guild website
which in turn would lead more of my guild members and other people to guildox

I hope you will consider this idea

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