By Polar Feb 13, 2012
A few months back we introduced voting to GuildOx. This new feature allows you to rate your guilds and toons by clicking on the stars on their respective pages.

You can view the guild results by looking at the guild'>Popularity rankings. Over the weekend we added the results of the guild voting to the progress ranking lists so that people looking for a new guild can get a feel for the guild culture. You will see this listed as a "rating" out of 5. In the near future, we will be releasing popular toon ranking lists so you can find the most popular players on a server.

We need your votes to make this system really valuable. Have you ever been a member of a great or not-so-great guild? Have you ever done a random dungeon, BG or LFR with a great or not so great level 85 toon? If so, take a moment and give them your vote. Start by typing the guild or toon name in the GuildOx Search box, select their record and click on the stars to cast your vote - it is that easy. The more votes we get, the better the results will be.

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