By Polar Sep 25, 2013
GuildOx is pleased to announce a new service - Flex Raid Progress Rankings.

Our data tells us that 64% of guilds that have raided the Siege of Orgrimmar on normal mode in the past couple of weeks have also completed kills via the new flexible mode raiding.

The flex mode take-up has been strong since the release of patch 5.4 and players are asking for flex mode rankings. The lack of a shared lock-out and item level 540 gear is a big attraction to raiders that want to get an extra boost to their Siege of Orgrimmar campaign.

Our flex raid progress rankings work like our regular raid progress rankings, where guilds are ranked by the number of flex encounters conquered and then by the date of their last kill. Results can be filtered by region or server.

The new flex progress rankings can be seen at:>

Update: Check out the nice coverage at class=a1 target=_blank>WoW Insider
By heiko3169 Sep 26, 2013
Hey Polar

great asset, especially for those guilds that will concentrate rather on Flex than NHC.
But here I see a bit of a problem ... NHC/HC-Guilds are visiting the Flex (for gearing) and will top the rankings - but actually are not real contenders in the Flex difficulty. Thus the ranking für the Felx-Only-Guilds will look not that good (an realm rank 50 or higher is not that attractive, if you know what i mean?!).
So my suggestion would be that there could/should be an exclusion like 10 vs 25 ?!

P.S. The rankings are just slowly coming or? because the list looks quite incomplete in Gilneas-EU :)
By Polar Sep 26, 2013
We are still in the process of crawling guilds so the list will expand somewhat over the next few days.

As for a filter - not to sure, but feel free to list it on our suggestion forum so the idea does not get lost.
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