By Polar Dec 27, 2011
KIN Raiders (KR), In extremis (KR), DREAM Paragon (EU) and Silent (EU) finish on top of the GuildOx charts for 2011. Blood Legion (US) came in 5th - just missing out on a higher ranking due to the kill date adjustments to take into account delayed access to heroic content for EU, KR and TW guilds.

Remember that we are fairly unique in that we are not just ranking based on the final kill date of the Madness of Deathwing - we sum the points from all heroic kills and rank based on that. This is done to reward consistency and is why our rankings differ somewhat.

Stars and other TW guilds are still yet to be ranked accurately - the official API is not yet providing any Dragon Soul kill/achievement data for TW guilds. I am reluctant to scrape HTML from the TW site since Blizzard has clearly stated that this is something they will ban IPs when caught. The Blizzard API team are aware of the issue but a due date for a fix is yet to come. In the meantime, I have made a manual adjustment for Star's heroic achievements but kill dates are out by up to 24 hours - be aware that Stars will finish higher in the rankings when we eventually receive accurate kill times via the API.


Update: Added Silent (EU) to the list
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