By Polar Dec 20, 2011
In a world-first, Korean guild'>즐거운공격대 of Kargath-KR (KIN Raiders) have claimed the achievement'>Heroic: Madness of Deathwing in 25m mode. They were the first to defeat heroic Spine of Deathwing and have followed up with the Madness kill. Congratulations to them!

Raid composition, including 6 shaman and 4 priests:

Dartyu (Shaman)
Detonator (Shaman)
Excaliber (Shaman)
사꾸 (Shaman)
Ziltoo (Shaman)
Yuribie (Shaman)
Gortyu (Druid)
데오바인 (Druid)
Kz (Priest)
사제천진 (Priest)
Yoko (Priest)
Neichell (Priest)
Lurker (Hunter)
Versaille (Mage)
철수와초코렛 (Mage)
Vincente (Warlock)
공허의배신자 (Paladin)
엘리에 (Paladin)
배고픈아크 (Rogue)
비행청년 (Rogue)
박규리 (Rogue)
죽음의요새의결의 (Death Knight)
쫘죽기 (Death Knight)
괴도라팡 (Death Knight)
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