By Polar Dec 13, 2011
Blizzard has announced some hotfixes, which includes some health adjustments to the 25m Spine of Deathwing encounter. We might see a heroic kill slightly sooner than expected. Stay tuned for more heroic action.

Spine of Deathwing

  • Blood Corruption: Earth will no longer morph into Blood Corruption: Death when dispelled.

  • Blood Corruption: Earth now applies two stacks of Blood of Neltharion when it expires on 25-player heroic difficulty.

  • The health pools for Burning Tendon, Corrupted Blood, Corruption, and Hideous Amalgamation have been reduced by 6 to 11% for 25-person raids on both normal and Heroic difficulty.

  • Hideous Amalgamations with the Superheated buff no longer pulse their AE damage after being thrown from Deathwing's back.

Yor'sahj the Unsleeping has also had some adjustments on 25m heroic mode, aiming to make the encounter a little easier. This was a needed change since out of 588 kills, only'>22 had been done in 25m mode.

A full list of hotfixes can be found here.
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