By Polar Sep 10, 2013
We have completed the reset of the scores for raid progress in preparation for T16 raiding. Progress scores are now calculated as "Siege or Orgrimmar normal/heroic + Throne of Thunder normal" boss kills.>Check out the progress

Update: Data from the API is now flowing! Be sure to visit us and 'update' your guild when you get a T16 boss kill!
By teshiburu Sep 12, 2013
Seems to be a bit broken atm Polar people are registering as having boss kills and showing in the rankings when it is for Flex only... very odd.
By Polar Sep 12, 2013
Can you give me an example of a kill where this is the case so we can investigate?
By Polar Sep 12, 2013
If it is the Fallen Protectors then the good news is we just found the bug and fixed it!
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