By Polar Dec 11, 2011
It has been a few days now with no new heroic kills. The Spine of Deathwing is proving to be a real challenge. The talk about town is that the fight is a massive gear check with raids being overwhelmed by adds. There is some speculation that this fight might take a couple more weeks before gear levels are sufficiently high enough to down the boss. Time will tell though.'>DREAM Paragon sits atop the GuildOx rankings. A few people have asked why this is so given that'>vodka and'>Blood Legion killed'>heroic Ultraxion first. The answer is that we are adjusting the EU, KR and TW kills by the amount of time they were delayed access to the heroic material. The US had access to the content more than 12 hours ahead of EU and more than 24 hours ahead of KR and TW. The kill dates and progress scores have been adjusted accordingly to put all guilds on equal footing.

Want to still see the raw kill dates? You can do this by selecting the boss kill and then clicking the "raw" link at the top of the date field.'>Warmaster Blackhorn Example

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