By Polar Sep 5, 2013
We have updated the algorithm used for our>GuildOx PvE realm ranks. The old system took a sum of the progress points for each guild on any given server. This had the downside of favoring servers where there were a lot of guilds that simply raided, not necessarily guilds that progressed.

The new system looks at only guilds with a top world rank, weights them based on how close to number#1 they are and then sums them accordingly. The result is a PvE realm rank list that better reflects servers that features guilds dealing with heroic progression.

What is most interesting is that Horde players dominate the top 10 PvE servers.

Let us know what you think of the changes.
By Scolio Sep 9, 2013
Not a fan to be honest. I feel like this system gives major preferential treatment to hardcore guilds instead of showing the raiding community. I used to like seeing how strong the actually community was through realm rank. Now realm rank seems like guild rank v2
By Polar Sep 10, 2013
It seems to be fairly polarizing. The suggestion came from here:

Now, we can certainly look at adding in the old ranks as a separate list. What would we call it?
By Flaer02 Sep 16, 2013
Are there any plans to track Flex progress? Even friends and family guilds like to know where they stand on their server.
By Polar Sep 23, 2013
Flex is something that we are currently looking at.
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