By Polar Sep 3, 2013
With Patch 5.4 now less than one week away, here are some key things you need to know:
  • The entrance to new the Siege of Orgrimmar (SoO) raid is in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, at the base of Mogu'shan Palace>source
  • Normal mode SoO raid will require raid groups to have around item level 520 for the first wing>source
  • Normal mode SoO will drop item level 553 gear and warforged 559
  • Heroic mode SoO will drop item level 566 gear
  • Entry to the LFR, expected to open the week after the patch is released, requires item level 496
  • LFR mode SoO will drop item level 528 gear
  • We expect flex mode groups to require around 505-510 item level for success
  • Flex mode SoO will drop item level 540 gear
  • The proving grounds will grant you medals for dps, tanking and healing and you can enter the grounds via an NPC in the Temple of the White Tiger
  • There are no dailies as such, but the Timeless Isle has a heap of activities that help you earn BoA item level 496 tokens for epic items (and some 535 items)
  • Speak with Chromie in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms to get the introductory quest for the Timeless Isle - you will receive a token that teleports you there
  • There is no new valor point gear to buy, but VP's can be used for upgrades
  • Lesser charms can be earned on the timeless isle and can be converted the new bonus-roll currency Warforged Seals via the weekly quest
Check out wowhead's 5.4 preparation guide for more tips

Update: Check out Blizzard's>Siege of Orgrimamr raid preview
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