By Polar Dec 7, 2011
The EU heroic kill dates have now been adjusted to take into account delayed access to heroic content as'>previously mentioned. The delay in EU, KR and TW servers coming online with new content has a big impact on world-first kills, especially with content is cleared in such a short time frame. The adjustments made by GuildOx makes the world rankings much fairer since they more accurately show the true leaders of the race to claim world first. This was done successfully for the Firelands heroics and now it is being applied to the Dragon Soul heroics.

The time that is being subtracting off the EU kills is the time difference from when the US servers and EU servers came online after maintenance this week. You will see a "Norm.Date" column on all of the ranking tables - this date is the normalized date, representing the GMT time of the kill minus the adjustment for delayed access.

KR and TW kills will also be adjusted in the next day or so. Mind you, we are still waiting on the Blizzard API team to enable the dragon soul data on the TW API servers - hopefully this will happen "soon".

This type of normalized ranking is unique to GuildOx. Enjoy!

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