By Polar Aug 26, 2013
We have added the ability to load your character into our popular mounts and popular pets rankings so that you can see which mounts/pets you are missing from your collection. Best of all, it is sorted by rarity and provides links to show you where to find them.

Try it out today:>Mounts ->Pets

Update: Check out the>Wow Insider coverage
By Eillesa Aug 26, 2013
Awesome idea!! But Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade 40775 and Argent charger 47179 Need to be filtered for non-pallies/dks! Also the armored red dragonhawk 98104 is showing for alliance, and blue for the horde 98259.

Thanks for the awesome list!
By Lethalock Aug 26, 2013
Heya Polar and Eillesa 3

Popped in here for the same reason lol great new feature but i would love to see other class mounts and removed mounts removed from my missing list if i were to use it as a shopping list for my yet to be obtained mounts.
By Eillesa Aug 27, 2013
I have to disagree with you there lethal! This isnt the armory, its more in depth and such. I do enjoy seeing how many people got a mount that I was unable to. It makes me feel less bad for not getting the Amani war bear when I could have. Shopping lists are for the armory! I know we're hyper collectors, so im sure people who arent like us won't even look at mounts that less than 1% of the population has.

Yes the Zhevra is at 9%, but a quick trip to wowhead says its unobtainable. Im okay with that. Guildox is probably less popular than the armory or wowhead. I say keep it as it is!
By Eillesa Aug 27, 2013
I stand corrected. There is a dropdown menu that shows Available/Unavailable. The Available dropdown menu needs to be touched up, by quite a bit. I can make a list if needed
By Polar Aug 27, 2013
Great to see you guys like this feature.

Just on the Available/Unavailable - we take the data from wowhead so if there are mounts that are not available (but marked as available) then we are best to pass it on to wowhead. If you have a list then I will happily pass it on to them.

Red/Blue dragonhawks - we have a fix in test and we should have this published in the next 24 hours.

We will also look at getting a non-DK/Pally filter in place to remove those class specific mounts.
By Eillesa Aug 27, 2013
OKAY I SEE. The dropdown menu for available/unavailble does not work for specific toons!

Thats what im getting confused with. I was using the dropdown menu and then searching my toons. Makes sense now.

By Polar Aug 28, 2013
How is it all looking now? The available/unavailable options should be working for specific character lists now too.
By Eillesa Aug 28, 2013
It works, but only if you're working from the master list. If I use the "All" feature, then load my character, and try to reload using "un/available" nothing will happen. I have to go back and try again, select the dropdown menu.

Then the Blue brewfest ram (33976) needs to be marked as unavailable by wowhead.
By Eillesa Aug 29, 2013
played with it again just now and works great! I don't even have to hit load!
By Ringmasta Nov 20, 2013
Hasn't been working for a few weeks for me.
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