By Polar Nov 30, 2011
Not that it is any great surprise, but several guilds have cleared the Dragon Soul normal mode only hours after patch 4.3 was released on US servers. The real competition begins next week with the unlocking of the heroic enounters.

In any case, GuildOx is happily receiving progress data. I want to point out that the official API servers are currently putting out a mix of current and old data, meaning that updating your guild progress might take a couple of presses of the "Update" button to register your kills. I have touched based with Blizzard and hope they get this fixed in the next 24 hours.

One other thing to be aware of is that the LFR system is also triggering the achievements and criteria - so some of the non-heroic guild kills are a result of a guild running the LFR system and the 25/10 mode determination may not always be accurate. While this is not ideal, it only affects the boss kills in normal mode except for Madness of Deathwing. I am searching for a better solution but it might have to stay like this for a while. The good news is that the final deathwing kill and all heroics will not be triggered by the LFR system.

Enjoy patch 4.3 and don't forget to vote/rate guilds by clicking on the "stars" on each GuildOx guild page.

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