By Polar Nov 30, 2011
Patch 4.3 is now live but we are waiting on the API feeds from to start sending some new progress data. I have been in touch with Blizzard and hope to see some data "soon".

Stay tuned for updates.

Also, note that the Fall of Deathwing is not available on the LFR just yet (from Nethaera):

The Fall of Deathwing is not open just yet for the Raid Finder or Heroic. We plan to open this encounter up in approximately one week. We felt it was important to let more people get through the fights in normal difficulty, make videos, strat guides, update their mods, etc. before we let everyone take a crack at Deathwing. We'll keep you informed when this part of the raid opens up for Raid Finder. Keep in mind that it's required to complete the first half to be able to queue for the second, so don't hold back!

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