By Polar Aug 18, 2013
We have the honor of being invited to interview Ion Hazzikostas, WoW's Lead Encounter Designer, this coming Thursday to talk about the upcoming Patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar raid. Be sure to check back with us on Thursday to see what info he has to share. Should you have any good questions to ask him about T16 raiding then please add you comments to this thread and we will see if we can squeeze them in.

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By cerberos Aug 19, 2013
Hello, and from the name i understand that Ian is a Greek, so "geia xara apo tin patrida, Ian!"

I want to ask something more generic. Why Blizzard is in so much hurry to bring the next content, and especially as it seems, in 28th of August. According to sources, not even 1000 EU guilds have killed 13/13 HC, and how many are playing WoW nowdays? 10 million? Its too soon, i cant understand why Blizz doing this.

A second question, is if 5.4 is the last content patch for this expansion as its said.

That's all, thnx, keep it up, beside these mistakes, we are loyal to the game, since the start.

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By Dareniun Aug 21, 2013

Being a working stiff, I don't have the luxury which others do to play the ptr and do raid boss attempts/kills. So, I'm curious, would you say that "in general" would the average boss fight in T16 follow the same standard cookie-cutter type mold of 2 tanks, 2mdps, 3 rdps and 3heals? Give or take a slight modification here and there?

Which boss encounter would you say in T16 is the most entertaining to watch? To participate in? Which was the funnest to design?

What would you ballpark the entry ilevel should be on tanks, mdps, rdps, heals to begin doing T16 content? The reason I ask is that my guild took most of T15 off due to rl commitments and have 500+ish gear, and am thinking we should still farm ToT for a couple of weeks before jumping into the new content. Or would you recommend going through lfr and/or flex raiding which could help gear us up faster for the new regular content? I'm curious if you are aware of ilevel requirements for lfr/flex raids as well.

Thanks for all the top notch work you guys/gals put in. I'm in software myself and realize just how much work it takes for a final product to be as bug free as possible.

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By Polar Aug 22, 2013
@Darenium - we got your entry ilevel question in and Ion confirmed that 520 average ilevel should be good. He also said the Garrosh encounter should be the most fun to watch, especially with the mind-control mechanic.

@Cerebros - we did not get a chance to ask this - sorry
By Dareniun Aug 28, 2013
I saw :) *woot*
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