By Polar Nov 18, 2011
I have commenced loading up the upcoming patch 4.3 loot into'>Loot Rank. Patch 4.3 brings an entire new raiding tier, three 5-man heroic dungeons, a new "Looking For Raid" function and a large collection of new Valor Token items. Please note the following:

  • You can select and deselect the new Dragon Soul Raid loot via the dragon soul filters

  • You can change the gemming schemes by selecting either the Rare or Epic gem quality filter

  • The new trinkets have been modeled

  • The specific bosses for the Dragon Soul raid drops will be updated once the patch goes live

  • Tier 13 stat weight options will be available in the next few days

  • A specific filter for the new 5-man dungeons will be added soon

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