By Polar (site admin) Jul 23, 2013
We are in the middle of some turbulent times for guild recruitment but GuildOx can help. Our'>Looking For Guild (LFG) function provides a place where anyone can set up their guild's recruitment listing via the">Options page. It is free and you don't need to be an officer.

Here are some tips for how to get more people to apply to your guild:
  • Choose a punchy, well-written Recruitment Message to summarize your recruitment effort. State your raid times, your guild's mentality (hardcore, casual, mature, etc) and something unique about your raiding experience
  • Be sure to include a link (Guild Recruitment URL) to your guild web site and ensure the URL is set to go straight to your recruitment page to allow people to get straight to the info they need
  • Only check the boxes of classes that you are primarily looking for - avoid selecting all classes since it dilutes your message
  • Increase your guild popularity score by asking your existing guild members to go to your GuildOx guild page and click 5/5 stars - this will attract a higher click rate
  • Ensure your GuildOx guild page URL is set and is accurate (note that this is different to the recruitment link that you set on your options page
  • Be sure to hit "Update" on your options page for guild recruitment regularly - this will move your recruitment listing to the top of the LFG list
Try it today!
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