By Polar Jul 20, 2013
Due to>popular demand we have implemented a filter to our Rated Battleground rankings to remove players that have been win-trading.

If you have a personal RBG score of 2600+, you will need to have completed 100 battleground matches or your score will be reset to zero. We have been running this for a few days now and it is having a profound effect on the>RBG guild ranks and>RBG player ranks.

The filter is a simple one and we are investigating how to improve it further. Please join the conversation on our>suggestion forum to share your ideas.
By Bozofingers Jul 30, 2013
This is long overdue, and very welcome. I can not understand how so many feel it is ethical to basically cheat in a blatant fashion, on a video game, in a fashion they would be laughed at for trying if they were facing a person physically, and playing a game. Don't think so? Try cheating at a poker table, and see where it gets you. I would also welcome some form of control in random battlegrounds, to keep certain individuals from corrupting the concept of "random", and constantly going in them as a pre-made group, with the obvious advantage of communication, and being able to hand pick and assemble their entire team. That is what rated battlegrounds are for, and these people know it. They do not seem to care that they are basically bloating their wins and honor/conquest point accumulation, with wins they should feel no pride in. Perhaps there should be a limit as to how many can join as a group, or perhaps some filter could be developed to monitor this issue as well; Just a thought. Perhaps people who only wish to play on an uneven playing field, should consider playing only with their selves, until they develop a better sense of fair play, and ethics.
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