By Polar Jul 2, 2013
Loot Rank Now Even Easier To Use

We have updated our popular>Loot Rank system to provide a simple, easy-to-use landing page where you only need to type in your character name and server. The resulting page will show all of your loot upgrades by slot, bonus roll guide, BiS items, top 50 upgrades, gemming and reforging recommendations.>Try it today

Heroic Jin'Rokh

Guilds are moving through current raid content at a good rate. According to our>world progress stats, over 10,000 guilds have stepped into Heroic Throne of Thunder and killed Heroic Jin'Rokh.

For the Alliance

Our good friends at WoW Insider recently published a reminder to all of us to get the For the Alliance achievement completed before Garrosh disappears in Patch 5.4. Our Popular Achievements rankings show only>24% of players currently have the "For the Alliance" achievement.

Are You Keeping Up With Patch 5.3 Class Talents?

Patch 5.3 brought a fair amount of functional changes to class talents and glyphs. GuildOx scans the top guilds daily and crunches the stats on the most popular talents and glyphs of the top 5% of players.>Check out the most popular talents and glyphs to make sure you still have the best talents and glyphs for raiding and PvP.

Seeking your feedback

We are always on the look out for new suggestions on what you would like to see on GuildOx. For example - our friends at Blizzard recently added statistics to the official API. While there is a lot of new data here, I question how much of it is actually useful for player rankings. We would be interested if you would like to see some of this data turn into rankings.

Head on over to our>suggestion forum and share your thoughts.
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