By Polar May 21, 2013
The new patch 5.3 brings many new and exciting features including the ability to choose loot type in LFR, Brawler's Guild ranks 9 and 10, the return of VP/JP item upgrades, PvP item changes, heirloom item cost reduction, levelling time from 85 to 90 reduced by 33%, new mounts, new pets and more.

In preparation, we have made the following updates:
  • Our updated>Brawler's Guild Rankings now includes ranks 9 and 10
  • Our Loot Rank module has removed PvP resilience from item calculations
  • We have switched on item upgrades again for Loot Ranking
  • Our popular mounts and pets ranks will be refreshed with the new additions as soon as we see some characters with the items
  • Our popular achievement ranks will be refreshed with the new 5.3 achievements as soon as the Blizzard API is updated
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