By Polar Jul 17, 2011
I took a much closer look at the ranking system last weekend and asked you all to participate in a poll. The poll asked what you prefer as a guild progress
ranking system - did you want a system that ranked guilds soley based on their latest kill or would you prefer to have system which awards points for the speed
of kills. The overwhelming response was to support the latter method.

So during the past week I swapped the GuildOx rankings over to a points scoring system. It is a system that awards points for boss kills, giving bonus
points for kills done within 6 months of the world first kill. This system is what is commonly being used by other ranking sites.

What makes us different then? We have some great additional features that you won't find elsewhere -

1. GuildOx makes adjustments to heroic kill dates for EU and KR guilds to compensate them for late access to the heroic content

2. GuildOx calculates bonus points based on the second of the kill, not the day, providing greater granularity on kills made on the same day

3. We put a lot of effort into ensuring a great site experience and have some more additions coming very soon

I am very pleased with the results and believe they are the most accurate rankings available today. If you have any comments or suggestions then don't hesitate to drop me an email polar at GuildOx dot com
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