By Polar May 16, 2013
GuildOx is pleased to announce a new service, Custom Raid Groups. Specifically designed for guilds with multiple raid groups, raid leaders can nominate their members and then each raid group’s progress will be ranked and displayed in a private ranking table and widget. Members can be from any guild and any server. The raid groups are automatically crawled and updated by GuildOx so you will always know how each of your guild groups are progressing.

“We wanted to do something special for all of those raiders that raid in a sub-group within their guild but were not part of their main raiding team.” said Polar of GuildOx. “These players missed out on seeing how their raid group was progressing with respect to other raid groups in their own guild. We developed a special system for tracking custom groups and have been testing it for several months now. The response from our test group has been overwhelming.”

Last year GuildOx performed a survey of over two thousand raiders and asked them many raiding questions including how many raid groups they had in their guild. The results showed that 66% of guilds had two or more active raid groups within their guild. Raid progress sites only rank the main raiding group so any other raid groups are subsequently forgotten.>Racknor at the>Thorns of Gold on Proudmoore has been testing the new service. "We have been using GuildOx's new custom raid group feature and we love it." said Racknor. "We are a large gaming community and run over ten custom raid groups across several realms. It was exciting to see the up-to-date progress of all of our groups in one place. The new Custom Raid Group system is fully automated and has saved us hours of effort generating progress tables by hand."

How to set it up?

1. Log in to GuildOx and then click on “Options”
2. Locate the custom raid group section
3. Enter the raid group names, faction and list of raid group members for each custom group
4. Click the border=0> link to go to the raid group page and hit “update” to kick off an update request
5. Wait a few minutes and the progress for the raid group will be crawled and then shown as follows ->Custom Raid Group ranking page example

Custom Raid Group progress widget example:> border=0>
By Kretol May 17, 2013
How are we supposed to enter realms with two words (eg, Silver Hand) for the custom raid groups? I've tried putting in SilverHand-US, Silver Hand-US, Silver-Hand-US, Silver+Hand-US, and Silver_Hand-US; all claim the characters do not exist. :(
By Baptism May 18, 2013
^^ Having the same issue as Kretol.
By Polar May 19, 2013
Try it again now - if you find any other bugs then be sure to raise it in our bug forum - thanks!
By Baptism May 22, 2013
Do these show up anywhere other than directly clicking the picture/link on my "options" page? In otherwords, unless people from the outside have a DIRECT link to it, they'll never see those teams and their associated progression? As far as I can tell, it's NOT on the guild page:
By Polar May 22, 2013
Correct, think of them as private groups. The links are not published anywhere, but are designed for you to incorporate into your own web sites.
By teshiburu Jun 11, 2013
Hi, firstly this is an awesome feature, well so i can see from reading above :p however when i try to view some progress the URLs are displaying like this

with the /guild/us/Custom tag

however our guild is on an eu realm?
By Polar Jun 14, 2013
Yeah don't worry about this too much. We will look at removing the /us/ part in the near future.
By talonos Jun 16, 2013
removing the region part would make it hard for scripts like mine help automate the adding of images. as you can see on my demo site

the custom groups work perfectly.
By Polar Jun 16, 2013
@talonos - I assume you are using our API, right? If so, we won't change it there - we will just change the main URL so it does not require the /us/. For example:

will become

By talonos Jun 17, 2013
ahh ok. i thought it was going to be an api change. thanks Polar
By Skyrei Jun 20, 2013
Is it possible to remove a member from a custom raid group? If yes, how?

Ignore this. Figured out you just update over it.
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