By Polar Jul 10, 2011
We are proud to announce that GuildOx is the first WoW guild ranking service to offer a new ranking system that is fair for regions with delayed access to content.

The new GuildOx ranks are based on "normalized" heroic kill dates where the delayed server start of a region is taken into account. We normalize the date of a heroic kill by subtracting the time difference between the first kill of the first heroic boss for that region versus the region that had first access to the raid content.

For example, the first heroic boss killed for both US and EU servers was Shannox. The time difference between the US and EU kills was 13.7 hours. Consequently, all subsequent Firelands heroic kills by all EU guilds are now being ranked as if they were completed 13.7 hours earlier.

We are also normalizing KR guild heroic kills. Note that we are waiting on TW data to be available on the new API system so we can adjust TW kills accordingly.

This system results in a much more accurate set of progress rankings and one that we expect will become the benchmark of rankings going forward.'>See the results for yourself

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