By Polar Jul 1, 2011
Firelands is well under way so I wanted to take a moment to give you all an update on what's happening with GuildOx.

Progress System

I have left the BWD/BoT/TotFW progress score in for the moment. However, these will be changing early next week - I plan to remove the BWD Heroic, BoT Heroic and all of TotFW scores from the progress calculations. Progress will be BWD/BoT Normal -> Firelands Normal -> Firelands Heroic. Note that this only changes the progress scoring - the associated achievements for heroic kills are not being removed.

Current rankings

There has been a little instability in the current ranking method. The old armory has been somewhat unstable with regards to Firelands kill data and this has made things difficult with regards to assessing the 10 vs 25 mode and timestamps of the kills. I have temporarily worked around this by dropping the threshold for assigning a kill and I have a plan in place to fix this for the long run - give me 48 hours.

What's happening with EU Firelands Rankings?

They are not yet implemented on the old wowarmory. Standby for more on this.

So which bosses should we be trying first?

According to our'>World Progress Stats, the two most popular starting bosses are Beth'tilac (spider) and Shannox (hunter). Both of them currently have an average iLvl kill score of around 363-364, suggesting that a guild which was previously doing T11 heroics should be more than capable of these new encounters.

If you want to see whether your character's gear is ready for Firelands then load them up via our Toon Rank service and mouse-over the pretty boss encounter icons on the right side of your profile. See an example of a'>very handsome dwarf.

How to update your kills

Finally, don't forget to manually submit your guild when you get a new boss kill. Our crawlers will get around to your guild over time, but you can speed this up and help keep the rankings up-to-date via manual submission - just be sure to have your raiders log out fist so that their armory profiles are updated.

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