By Polar Jun 21, 2011
Patch 4.2 is coming soon and it brings a lot of goodies with it, especially with regards to easy to get iLevel 365 gear. Here are a couple of tips to help you secure some epic gear within days of the Firelands release.

Thrall Quest Line

The following epic cloaks are the reward from a quest chain gained from Thrall in Mount Hyjal - if you are level 85 then you can pick up the breadcrumb quest from the boards in Stormwind/Ogrimmar. The quest chain should take under 60 minutes to complete.

Mantle of Desire

Mantle of Doubt

Mantle of Fury

Mantle of Patience

The Molten Front Dailies

Head to the Sanctuary of Malorne in Mount Hyjal and start doing the new dailies with the first quest. Spending three days doing these dailies will net you enough Marks of the World Tree to enter the Firelands portal to the Molten Front. Upon entering, you will be able to purchase the following epic items for under 200g each:

Matoclaw's Band

Nightweaver's Amulet

Pyrelord's Greaves

Fireheart Necklace

As special note: You need to be level 85 and have completed the Hyjal quests up to and including Aessina's Miracle to be eligible for the Molten Front daily starting quests. If you have not yet completed these then it is not too late to get started!

Further Items

You will get access to many more rewards as you unlock more of the the Molten Front via the dailies.

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