By Polar Jun 14, 2011
With patch 4.2 coming very soon (probably 1 week away), I have taken the liberty of preparing GuildOx for the Firelands invasion. Here is a summary of all the new features added:

  • Firelands Progression added - I have added the boss kills, both normal and heroic to the raid progression system. Note that I plan to remove the T11 Heroics and TotFW from the progression calculation shortly after the Firelands release. Also note that our'>World Progress Stats will start to populate with the new raid bosses when the patch is released.

  • Firelands Raid Achievements added - All of the firelands raid achievements have been added to our achievement ranking system

  • Firelands Raid and Season 10 PvP Items added - Our'>Loot Rank service now has most of the firelands raid items and Season 10 items loaded up, including the new legendary staff. You can switch these on and off by selecting the Firelands Normal/Heroic check boxes in the item filter. More items will be added and their sources locked down once the patch is released.

  • Guild Moves - I have recently refined the method of tracking when people leave a guild and transfer off a server. More of these will now be shown in the guild "Moves" tab.

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