By Polar May 25, 2011
The latest patch notes have featured a major nerf to the T11 raid bosses, mainly in the form of a 20% health reduction. This is designed to allow more players to experience BWD, BoT and ToTFW, as Nethaera explains:

With the upcoming content patch, 10- and 25-person Normal mode raid encounters will be receiving a comprehensive set of tuning adjustments to decrease their difficulty.

These changes will allow players, groups, and guilds who have yet to experience the content in Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, and Throne of the the Four Winds an opportunity to do so.

With the addition of a new tier of armor and weapons, we want to make the previous tier more accessible in ways other than just a shift of currency type, so we are making item level 359 gear purchasable for Justice points in the upcoming content patch.


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